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So, if you could go back in time...

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4 minutes ago, BillShatnersToupee said:

:-) It cost him about £400 all-in for the HFC101, the LS4038 speakers and the Akai 1721L. I haven't checked but I bet that's about five grand in today's money. Scary. 

Well £400 was five times the cost of the Quad Electrostatics, so quite possibly!  

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I forgot to include my Sony TC160. Closed loop dual captain. Note the VU meters, and slide controls :love:


Still available on eBay for about £45. IIRC, I had the 160D, which was the Dolby version.

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First half-decent cassette deck I ever remember hearing was my brother's Aiwa AD1250 he bought out a mail order catalogue in the late 1970s. My dad was never into cassettes much, preferring open reel, but he did buy a Philips N2506 shortly after buying the Dynatron set up (£65 in the advert on the first page). My main memory of it is it was utter garbage.

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On 24/01/2019 at 13:37, bigfool1956 said:

I have the Akai 4000DS which was a 21st birthday present. It's sitting in a cupboard, and I keep meaning to digitize the tapes and sell it, as I won't use it again otherwise.

My 4000DS also sat in a box from the late 70s until a few months ago when I gave it to a guy that installed a dishwasher. I then checked ebay prices -Doh! At least gone to an enthusiast and looked mint.

Many thanks for that ad from 73. I bought the B&O Beomaster & Gram -1200 I think in that year. Plus Celestion Ditton 25s. Had long forgotten the price, but was probably best measured by how many double shifts and Sundays I worked at my local hospital! A year or two later, my mate bought the same with B&O speakers - still has it in his flat in HKG but has now got the Beomaster 4000 with the fancy tangental arm.

To answer the headline question - believing the hype in 1983 and spending big on a Cd player and dozens of now unlistenable CDs. Out went my Vinyl collected over 15 years. Doh again! First press Led Zep 1-4, sticky fingers with the denim and zip, and many more.

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If I could go back, I’d go to 1992 and purchase every LP12 available.. I purchased a 1976 original with an SME3009 on it and all for £80! 

No media then like eBay but if you knew where to look, you could find them in the small adds for silly money... all going cheap because of CD convenience!

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