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New diy OB speakers project up and running

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The story actually begins a couple of years ago in January 2017 after picking up a pair of the 12" Mandala free range drivers and running them in a smaller OB arrangement with the subs hidden out of sight.  Recently I acquired a second pair of the Mandala drivers so needed to do a bit of new construction to accommodate all the drivers into a single baffle. 

Drivers consist of a pair of 12" Bastanis Mandala crystal drivers, Vifa h26tg35-06 tweeter, 15" Eminence Alpha bass diver.

The baffles are really only temporary as is the wiring while I tinker with the crossovers and a few ideas like slot loading the 15" Alphas and the bass box could do with some extra stiffening for starters. I only picked up a single sheet of 19mm mdf and there wasn't much left over so that will have to be added later.

Front covering is just a one meter £7 offcut of black leatherette found in Dunelm held on with spray glue and a few staples to help with the WAF.

Have the subs hooked up via banana plugs so can easily bi amp the sub separately if required.



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what do they sound like ?

I read Troels Gravesens OB stuff, seems that baffle size has a huge influence upon sound, I wouldn't waste much dosh refining crossovers until you have the fronts the size you want.

You can probably experiment for months with this lot - builders skips are great places for free wood - have fun !

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The sound is big and encompassing and seriously good, really feels like your listening to something life size in scale right in the room.  On the whole really very happy with them so far. Crossovers have been tweaked a bit and the sonic picture is more cohesive for it. 

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