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John Lennon Box Set Vinyl

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I bought the John Lennon Vinyl box set in April 2016 from Amazon but there was a problem with the Rock"n"Roll LP, the label is correct, however side one "Sweet Little Sixteen" is played twice & "You Can't Catch Me" is missing.  Amazon offered to replace the compete box set but as the replacement would have the same fault I declined. 

However I found on the internet that Universal Music were aware of the issue and gave a link to get a  replacement album which I did and I got a confirmation shown below: 

Thank you for submitting a claim for a corrected copy of 'Rock N Roll' by John Lennon on vinyl. Your unique reference code is ***********
We are reviewing the information you have provided and will update you shortly regarding the status of your claim.
If you have any questions please email, quoting the reference above.
Thanks again for your understanding and patience.

 Universal Music

After a few weeks I emailed UM and heard nothing back. Since then I emailed them many, many times and even wrote them a letter all were totally ignored. Now after nearly three years I have brand new copy of the Rock N Roll album.

I wrote to the customer services department of the Sound of Vinyl (part of UM) and they forwarded my message to the appropriate department and managed to get the replacement, my thanks go out to Jon for doing the impossible.

If there are any others on the WAM with a similar issue it could be worth a try.

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Yes same here .

When it was originally released it was noticed and you could get a replacement but at that time you had to send them proof of purchase and the LP to be replaced.

I already had a good original copy so chose not to as I thought having the same track twice LP was a bit of a cool to own collectors item.

Might give it a go now as long as I can keep the one I've got.

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