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JBL L40 speakers for sale

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Up for sale are my JBL L40's.

Owned for 18 months roughly.

I've loved these speakers and can't praise them enough, great dynamics and for me anyway there's just something about the JBL sound.

They are in good cosmetic condition, not perfect but I found no need to mess about with them. The cabinets have some marks but nothing that couldn't be sorted easily. (I've tried to show in the photos) They were recently professionally reconed before I bought them. All drivers are in superb condition, the L pads work as they should and they sound fabulous. They have their original bare wire rear terminals still. They come with matching covers though one does have a small hole in it (both have their JBL badges on them).

I'd like £375.00 for them.

I'm based in Liverpool and can demo to anyone interested.

I will not ship them but might consider local delivery if it seals the deal.

I'm only letting these go as I've recently moved up to some L50's & can't really keep both.

I do travel to see family down south every now and then so maybe that could help anyone Kent / Surrey / london surrounding areas make a decision.

Thanks for looking.012686ab5d7f8fa47f86ba5a654a1503.jpg77e524c81cc701fbae38dc95109c43a5.jpg0b15324598f73297c729334437cc4129.jpgba0506edbb239d0bfbb42b708588bcc2.jpgc2aad1d9cf1ec51d723749675b55d55c.jpg789be69b851a6d81bd3d1a1a7f25f8b7.jpg8d83dcdcc4a054c9fcfa0829a78c6b88.jpgf52ee8b7c1a43d3a737143a36621eef0.jpg

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Really nice sound these speakers

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