Equipment footers/supports for sale various ones!

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3 x sets of SOLID TECH ISOCLEAR ISOLATORS (2 x 4 packs and 1 x 3 pack for 11 footers in total) and one set of additional springs for adjustment. One set of 4 is the older grey colour (no change sonically just different logo and colour)

Price individually: 4 pack: £60 / 3 pack: £40 / Springs: £6. If someone were to buy the whole lot it'll be £150 for everything.

Shipping will be £5 or £10 depending on what is purchased. Buyer pays shipping. Local pickup welcome.

Info here

1 set of 3 SOMETHING SOLID DISSIPATING FEET Large Size Large (23mm high)

Price: £15 with free shipping. Local pickup welcome

Info here

1 set of 3 CARDAS MYRTLE WOOD BLOCKS Small size

Price: £10 with free shipping. Local pickup welcome.

Info here

RDC CONES - 9 x Large Cones (RDC 3), 8 x small cones (RDC 5).

Price: Large (RDC 3): £10 per cone / Small (RDC 5): £4 per cone.

Shipping cost will be dependant on how many ordered. Buyer pays shipping. Local pickup welcome.

Info here and here

Location: NW London

20190110_124333 (Large).jpg

20190110_124141 (Large).jpg

20190110_124551 (Large).jpg

20190110_124516 (Large).jpg

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