Gordon Ewen

SB Acoustics 16 MTM speakers - Troels Gravesen design

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Hello Mirek, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, it has been quite a journey, very satisfying and I have learned a lot.

I like both the Fusion and the Illuminator 4. The Illuminator is excellent and definitely better then the Fusion, but it is about twice the price. I find the Fusion has a brighter top end and while the 12" bass driver goes deep it I find it not quite as punchy as the Illuminator. The Fusion has what I would call a 'live' feel to it, the Illuminator is a bit more refined.

I'd be happy to have either though, should I only have one of the two speakers. I guess the big question is 'is the added cost of the Illuminator worth it?'. Tough to answer that question. If you have the cash, yes.

I'd thoroughly recommend building a pair, you get a fantastic speaker for the price. I recently heard the Wilson Audio Yvette's (~ £20k) and the Illuminators are better. In a private communication with Troells, he said he thought the nearest equivalent was the WA Alexia......... I'll let you find the price! No doubt the WA speakers are beautifully built but it all about the sound quality. All the TG designed speakers I have made have been excellent. The Discovery 18 is astonishingly good for the cost.



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Hi Gordon 

Thank you for sharing this, very useful. 

it look like all TG  constructions are great value and choise comes down to preferences and what kind of music presentation you after. Fusion are definitely looks very interesting and you have done amazing job with them. 

Illuminator 4 sounds like they are the ultimate speakers. 



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