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Bowers and Wilkins CM9 Gloss black

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As per my other thread - 

"Truth be told, the house is all sorted and we move on Friday!

But it's smaller than our current house, so time to just go two channel and run the TV through that to save space. I'll build something dedicated to stereo/cinema when I get time and I'll get a little more serious. For now, I'm going to move on most of my Home Cinema set up."

So these I've had for what feels like forever. Great speakers in my home cinema set, I actually part ex'd these with my first set of 802d for a system downsize. I've always had different speakers for Hifi, I think because my wife prefers these to any others I've had so I've kept the systems separate, usually in a different building altogether. On the subject of my wife, she's kept the remotes on top of one of them, it's faired quite well but being gloss black you can expect marks, trying to keep anything gloss black "mark free" with two horrifying kids and a ninja-star remote throwing wife is impossible. I'd give them an 8/10 close up, 10/10 from a seated position.

I have the boxes although they aren't in incredible condition, I've not got the original jumpers but I'll keep the little leads I've made up with them. If I were a potential buyer I would be wanting to collect, if not postage/ins etc is at buyers risk/expense. 

Heres a few pics, I've taken pictures of marks etc - 




Note - Swirl marks on top of the speaker 




That white dot is a tiny chip, likely from a hotwheels toy (probably a shit one) or a bite mark.



In the very top left corner of the right-hand grill is a pull, they can be sat either way up so this only bothered me for a few days. Just under it that little brown mark will come out, it's likely a baked bean or human faeces, maybe some sick or even a cocopop, who knows?




All in all, they're cool for considering the onslaught they've sustained. They regularly sell for £1,000/£1,200 in gloss black, I think to a whammer I'd let them go for £800 considering you never know when a child's lightsaber might come flying out of one of the rear ports.

All joking aside they're a great bit of kit in good nick, ready to go as they're a little in the way, I'm not in a rush but would prefer if they were to be going that they go soon.

I am absolutely open to trading, swapping, trading up etc for other cool stuff.


Southampton / Carl / Cash/bacs/paypal gift

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