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Yamaha Aventage RX A840 + BD S677

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Truth be told, the house is all sorted and we move on Friday!

But it's smaller than our current house, so time to just go two channel and run the TV through that to save space. I'll build something dedicated to stereo/cinema when I get time and I'll get a little more serious. For now, I'm going to move on most of my Home Cinema set up.

So, I've had this pair for a year or so, I bought them new and they've been perfect. Brilliant, actually. I'll miss how good they are together for Bluray and movie sound and the fact they netwrok so well, meaning our whole family could stream to them,  play music wirelessly, video wirelessly, musicast etc.

Yamaha App does a brilliant job of controlling the pair as a remote also.

Tech nonsense -

 AV Amplifier   

Bluray Player

Pics of my actual pair - 










They're in pretty good nick.

I think they cost me around £700 for the pair, I bought them at different times but they can't be two years old really. Anyway, that doesn't matter, I'm after £400 for the pair, or £325 the amp and £125 the player.

ALTHOUGH... I have a dire weakness for old amps and old speakers, 70's and the bigger the better, also happy to trade up etc, whatever interesting, I just have no use for these guys for a long time.

Let me know!

Southampton - Carl - Cash/bacs/paypal gift

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