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I doubt anyone here has however but fwiw he is well known on the diyaudio site with many years posting on modding the different Oppo players.

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Some interesting comments on the Oppo 205 which share much of digital and analogue circuitry with the Sonic


Speaking of Oppo if you have a large SACD of CD discs collections, especially SACD media discs, and whenever your budget opens up some more I would highly recommend a fully modded Modwright Oppo 205. High recommended especially considering the price. The cost of Modwright modification for Oppo 205 starts at around $2500 for basic mod and goes to around $3800 or close to $4k for full modifications. This will take the performance of the Oppo 205 to a reference quality player or DAC.
Modwright only modifies the stereo analog audio stage and added an external tube rectifier PSU to feed power for its stereo analog audio stage only.
The Modwright tube mod includes a total redesign and replacement of op-amp based stock analog stage with a fully balanced pure class A tube/transformer coupled analog stage (6922 driver tubes), external PS 9.0 v 10 with tube rectifier, truth umbilical of their own design. Modwright also replaced stock resistors with its own highest quality resistors in key signal path applications. They also replaced all capacitors with all MWI M-type ones in signal path. The external tube rectifier PSU is available with the use of taller larger diameter tubes and is available with optional hole to allow that. Lastly, Modwright also further dampens the disc transport mechanism of the Oppo 205.

Recently, my cousin brought his fully modified Modwright Oppo 205 over to my place and I had a chance to take it up for a spin in my dedicated stereo setup. So I disconnected my DCS Vivaldi full stacks (DCS Vivaldi DAC) and inserted his fully modded Modwright Oppo 205 in the chain and started listening to some CD and SACD as well as some hi-rez digital download files streamed through the Oppo 205' USB asynchronous DAC port on the back. And his Modwright Oppo 205 was connected to my Audio Research Reference 10 linestage preamp and my D'Agostino Momentum 400 monoblock amps (2 pairs in bi-amp mode) driving my new Magico M6 speakers. It took me as a surprise. His Modwright Oppo 205 performed and sounded superbly and did not embarrass when used in my reference stereo setup. It wasn't on the same level as my DCS Vivaldi full four stacks (Vivaldi master clock, Vivldi upsampler, Vivaldi CD/SACD transport, Vivaldi DAC) but hey my full DCS Vivaldi stacks cost around $125k and his fully modded Modwright Oppo 205 total costs of only $5k ($1300 stock 205 + $3700 total costs of fully modded Modwright labor included). But as a single one-box digital front end universal player/DAC the Modwright Oppo 205 sounded and performed spectacular, very resolved, highly musical with fleshed out mids (vocals) and other instruments elements. Sounded very analog like and natural or organic so to speak and with very good sense of image and soundstage depths. Transparency and inner details and nuances are excellent. There were good amounts of air and space between instruments and vocals. PRAT is very good too. The noise floor was surprisingly very low, approaching and was pretty close to that of my own DCS Vivldi full stacks. Overall the Modwright Oppo 205 IMO performed on the similar or same level as those single-box digital front end players/DAC in $10k to $15k region and up. Sonically, it rivals an entry level Esoteric player/DAC.
Highly recommended if you still have large collections of SACD discs. Remember, I am coming from DCS Vivaldi full stacks digital front end components and I will give high recommendation for the fully modded Modwright Oppo 205.

My cousin said that the Modwright Oppo 205 sounded quite a bit better than the Modwright Oppo 105/95. modwright did total redesign of the stereo analog stage of the Oppo 205 whereas the modded Modwright Oppo 105/95 weren't as extensive of as comprehensive as that of the 205. Modwright based the design of the fully modded Oppo 205 on its own Elyse DAC.
You can also roll in different tubes to achieve a desired sonic results. But the stock tubes provided by Modwright are already pretty darn good.

FYI, I was using the same callings / interconnects for the Modwright Oppo 205 (all power cables and interconnects are from Transparent Opus). And a pair of the Transparent Opus XLR analog interconnects cost many times of the total costs of his fully modded Modwright Oppo 205. Even the power cable that I used for his Modwright Oppo 205 cost more than the fully modded Modwright Oppo 205. I know that this won't typically be kind of cablings that people with Modwright Oppo 205 would use.

Bierfeldt, if you have large collections of SACD discs and still want to play them back then the fully modded Modwright Oppo 205 will be perfect for you since native DSD in SACD from the Oppo cannot be transmitted via spdif or optical digital (Toslink) cable to your PS Audio Direct Stream DAC without down converting the resolution (bit depths & bit rates). And I'm not even sure if the Oppo will even be able to transmit DSD digital signals from SACD at all via its spdif or Toslink digital outputs.
So if you end up with the Oppo for SACD playbacks you will have to output them via its stereo analog out (XLR or RCA) and will achieve best results using the analog out of the player for SACD playbacks.

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I think the thread has lost it’s way a little, so here’s my 10 pence worth I’ve modded quite a few items over the years and have never been disappointed by the results and you don’t have to spend a fortune. 

Don't be put off, if you want to give it a go, give it a go and make your own mind up!

If you’re not up to modding yourself do some research and get someone you trust to modify your precious gear.

I’ve had some nice gear over the years, and I’m sorry if I upset anyone with the next statement, but some of the high end stuff I’ve had has been poorly engineered with little thought to design or component quality, usually a very nice case with very average electronics inside.

Power supplies are paramount for me and can make a huge difference to sound quality, there are pros and cons for both a linear and smps, to be honest smps came around as they are more efficient and cheaper to make, but can produce a lot of high frequency noise and can be difficult to engineer correctly, a good linear power supply can produce excellent performance but at cost, efficiency and space penalties.

Enjoy your modding, let us know how you get on.

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Super Dealer

Hi Trouble and Strife,

Did you get anywhere with your Oppo Mods? I bought one a few weeks ago-seemingly the last one in the country. I will mod mine at some stage. In with some decent regulators to replace the generic ones, out with those shitty opamps and in with some Burson fet opamps, out with the electrolytic output caps and in with some decent film /foil caps. It should be a different beast after that!


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On ‎02‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 15:39, Juancho said:

Firstly, why do you want to modify it?

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In my experience people want to modify things to improve upon them. The aim of Hifi as I see it is to get the best sound you can to enjoy your music on.

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