Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

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44 minutes ago, Nopiano said:

I was reminded of this topic yesterday afternoon. I went to a vey enjoyable concert in Birmingham’s acoustically rather fine Symphony Hall.  The CBSO played a Dvorak’s Wind Serenade, followed by Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto (excellent young American soloist, Benjamin Beilman). After the interval more Dvorak, his 8th symphony. 

The Wind Serenade was the most interesting for the sound.  Scored for 14 musicians, mostly oboes, clarinets, bassoons, etc., with just one cello and one double bass to give some weight and warmth.  All the winds were clear and sonorous but not a trace of harshness.  Just one bass produced enough sound to vibrate my chest, ten rows back in this large hall.  Pizzicato strings were vibrant yet rich.  

Even the Symphony and Concerto, despite much larger forces, were full and warm throughout, though winds and percussion always shone through.  Finally, as a reflection on my part, I played a recording of the violinist’s encore - a Kreisler piece - via Qobuz. It was remarkably bold, just like the live performance. The recording, quite by chance, was a Mercury Living Presence recording, probably made in the late 1950s (I cant find the actual date).  In conclusion, live music is ‘warm’, so it’s a good aim for any replay!

The frequency band that's subjectively associated with warmth and fulness covers a range between roughly 150-300Hz.

This region is usually affected by floor bounce and other boundary interference reflections. Careful positioning of speakers and listener can mitigate these problems somewhat.

Some speakers (i.e. PSB) deal with these problems in their design while other suffer in a more pronounced way. Stereophile's in-room measurements are a useful indicator of that.

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