What's in your loft ?

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No but the last time I was at his house there seemed to be a lot of Bluebottles floating around.
He tends to hoard things. A year or so ago he found an abandoned jet ski and took that home. He said all I need to get it going is an engine, a jet etc. It was just a hull and handlebars. He obtains broken bits of equipment then gets other broken bits of equipment to put them right. As in the case with the oxy acetylene cylinders which were obtained to weld up a broken down Jag he got cheap. The regulator on the welding kit was faulty as was the blow torch. I bet his neighbours would be worried shitless if they knew he had those in his house. He has a pay as you go mobile which he keeps switched off to save money. When a mate of mine who now lives miles away needs to get in touch with him he has to write him a letter to turn his phone on in order to receive a phone call.

Brilliant. Had a feeling he wouldn't be married!

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On 16/01/2019 at 02:17, johnbaz said:

It's totally full of stuff now, A couple of telescopes, Old midi stereos, Drones, Clocks and guitars!!


John :$

Bonfire 🔥👿🔥

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