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Loudness Wars Question

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Posted December 12, 2018

Interestingly the most recent Ziggy Stardust remaster is the hottest yet, but it still sounds better than any digital version beforehand. Not as good as the first pressing vinyl though, warts and all.

LPs seem to nearly always get a higher DR, even when created from the same master. People have posited explanations for this across the web, but I've not seen general agreement as to why this may be.


The following is from a piece written elsewhere:

The main problem for pop-music CDs, especially, is one of abuse, where engineers compress the music and limit dynamic range in order to produce the loudest music to gain an advantage in grabbing listeners’ attention over the competition. The practice has been common-place in the production of popular music for decades. It’s called; “The Loudness Wars” – and it’s killing the music.  That’s one of the main issues holding back the digital format today, in the opinion of many in the know.

Analogue media (such as vinyl and tape) remain largely immune to such extreme abuse, ironically because of their more severe limitations in the recording process. These limitations require more moderate recording levels and thus prevent them from similar levels of abuse and, therefore, ensure better quality recordings with more dynamic-range than what obtains with the more severely abused digital versions.

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Super Wammer

Yes, modern digital masters of older material are completely buggered usually. The point was that for those LPs where it is known that the master is identical, the DR database will still show differences.

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i recently listened to AC/DC high voltage album, and it sounds so clean and spacious, loads of dynamism......thats how i want a rock/metal album to sound

I also thought Iron Maidens a matter of life or death album was incredible with respect to dynamic range, which was a pleasure to listen to considering their previous efforts (except for the very old stuff) which all sounded very compressed and flat. I havent really kept up with their more recent releases tho

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