15" Monitor Red External Crossovers by Reference Fidelity Components

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A beautiful pair of external crossovers for Tannoy 15" Monitor Reds built by Paul Coupe at Reference Fidelity Components.

Details of Paul's build and pictures can be seen on this thread here, post numbers 926 to 927.

Full Specification:

External crossovers for 15 inch Tannoy Monitor Red 15 drive units;

Oak veneered sides with smoked acrylic tops, A4 in plan size by about 110mm height,

equipped with rubber feet, captive input and output leads (on same end) and oil finished to

fine furniture standards with a final wax buff;

Input to be a 0.5m captive OFC 2 core copper cable, terminated with 4mm banana plugs.

Output to be 2.0m captive OFC 2 core copper cable terminated with a 90 degree XLR plug

Circuit topography to be as per RFC’s “Reference” standard crossover with discrete signal

and ground rails for LF/HF built onto solder tag boards, point to point wired

Components to include high quality Mundorf capacitors in the signal path, high quality

Pathaudio resistors within HF signal path, custom wound Janzten Air Cored low distortion

low DCR bass inductors; Jantzen air cored HF notch filter inductors, Claritycap LF capacitors

and solid enamelled copper rails.

Whilst this crossover has been designed to closely mimic the factory crossovers, it improves on the factory supplied crossovers by introducing a discrete topology for reduced crosstalk/noise plus uses higher quality audio grade components built on high quality point to point copper rails. Importantly, it also introduces something the factory ought to have done by providing a switchable notch filter targeting the area of increased HF distortion and a spike in response at just over 3 Khz.

Price £600 plus postage.



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