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New capsules .. should I run them in?

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Hi Everyone .. this is my first post on HiFi WigWam.  I couldn't find where to sign in to the What Hi*Fi forum yesterday and discovered (via a Google link to this forum) that it no longer exists (can't think why though).

My first 'quality' headphones were a pair of Sennheiser HD250 Linear which I bought when they were new in the range, to replace my previous Koss Pro4AA (ahh, the memories!).  Fairly recently one of the capsules had ceased to function and a repair was not possible.  However, through a spares company that no longer deals with Sennheiser, I was able to buy a couple of new capsules and ear pads, together with a new 3m cable & adapter jack plug from their stock.  I put everything together, clipped them onto the original headband and put the new Frankenstein pair thus formed away for a rainy day, as a spare.  'Spare' because, in the interim, I'd purchased (on eBay) a pair of HD250 Linear II phones in excellent condition, which I've been using to my huge satisfaction for nearly six months now.

Something I remember a hi-fi specialist telling me a few years ago, when he re-coned my Heybrook speakers, about 'running in' speakers for up to 100 hours before they really start to sound sweet, made me think that if I ever need to put my spare headphones into use, perhaps I ought to do the same thing with them.  Consequently, I've been playing a UB40 'Best Of' CD (nice and bass heavy you see) on random/repeat at a middling volume for a couple of days solid, in the belief that this will 'limber up' the diaphragms so that they won't sound so tight and new whenever I come to use them.

Is there any basis in fact for the idea that 'running in' speaker cones and headphone diaphragms will improve the way they sound?

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