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I have been a long time user of iPhones (I know....) and have become a bit tired with their early obsolescence as my experience with them has been that their performance degrades significantly over relatively short periods of time and also the call quality ain't all that crash hot.  The main reason I have used them is that I use other Apple devices and the sync of stuff over iCloud is easy.  I also travel a lot and find them great for music from an ease of use pov.

The reason for the post is that I have started to use a Dragonfly black and, when adding 24/96 files I noticed that Apple's software dumbs them down to 44khz - the Dragonfly glows green which is indicative of CD quality files being played. In itself, that's not an issue but as I have 24/96 files I want to listen to them.

I came across this article:

and this morning followed it step by step on an iPhone, copying across a 24/96 version of Steven Wilson's To the Bone.  Fired up the VLC app with the Dragonfly plugged in and hey presto......yet another green light.  The same file on a borrowed Android phone glowed pink on the Dragonfly indicating the full resolution file.

I am at a point where I am going to buy a new phone so am curious as to whether the article is gubbins and you can't actually place FLAC files at full res on an iPhone expecting hi-res playback or whether there's something I am missing.

I have to say it sounded pretty amazing on the Android.  As the new iPhones don't have a 3.5mm jack I'm somewhat forced to use a different way of listening and the Dragonfly meets that need if it can be used properly.

I am aware this may turn into an Apple vs Android debate and whilst that's all very good I'm not really bothered about the phone itself - just the music playback ability.

Any thoughts folks?

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Super Wammer

Hi @Paulq

I recalled this article which I think might have the answer you’re seeking.  I hope so, anyway. 

All the best!

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