SOLD - Nagaoka MP-300 phono cartridge

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For sale Nagaoka MP-300 Phono cartridge in excellent condition, boxed and with all originally supplied accessories. I bought this item almost exactly year ago and the cartridge has probably around 100 hours on it. All records I have are cleaned using Okki Nokki vacuum record cleaner before they're played for the first time.

I'm pretty sure I'll regret selling this cartridge but I've been made an offer i couldn't refuse for VdH Frog and can't justify keeping both cartridges. 

This cartridge is brilliant and what you would expect from the second from top model from Nagaoka - full body, excellent soundstage, great tracking and detail. I'm not entirely sure if body of this cartridge is the same like on the top model MP-500 and the only difference is the stylus, some say that's the case, others say the body is different.

These are currently going for around £500 (depending on the shop that sells them)

Price: SOLD
Location: W4, London
Collection or delivery (estimate is £8 via RoyalMail with insurance)


Nagaoka MP-300 1.jpg

Nagaoka MP-300 2.jpg

Nagaoka MP-300 3.jpg

Nagaoka MP-300 4.jpg

Nagaoka MP-300.jpg

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