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19 hours ago, sq225917 said:

I run a set of NS1000m's and have taken the Yamaha tweeter out of circuit and replaced it with a pair of RAAL ribbons. Even though the XO point is 3K you can see useful output down to 1k. The Yamaha tweeters fall off a cliff after 10k and are -10db down at 20k.  They're  a touch higher around 2k but generally a shit tonne flatter across the presence band and rise slightly out to 30k (for the bats).

Green line is original tweeter, pink line is with them replaced by the RAALs.


Was the measurement made at 1m or from the listening spot?

I don't know the crossover frequencies but in my view the mid and tweeters need at least some 3dB attenuation, the tweeters maybe another 1dB for a 1m measurement. Otherwise "commendably" flat, to paraphrase JA. :D

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