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The Wam's AUP

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The Wam is a relatively unregulated community, but like everywhere, we do need to have some rules in place. By posting or joining this forum, you acknowledge to have read and to abide by these general conditions.

Hifi Global Ltd., its owners, moderators and admin are not responsible directly or indirectly for any content posted on this site. Any posts are the opinions, advice, etc. solely of the person posting. By posting, you acknowledge your responsibility in this regard. No guarantee is provided or suggested or inherent with regard to any advice offered on this forum. 

Joking and banter are not just allowed, but encouraged. Profanity is only allowed in the Pub Car Park section. Personal attacks, racist, sexist or homophobic comments or any comments that breach any laws are not allowed under any circumstances. Any posts not in line with this will be deleted immediately and may result in a permanent ban of the user. Links to or posts promoting any pornographic material or illegal activity are not allowed and may result in a permanent ban.

Members may open one account. Duplicate accounts under different names are not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.

No posts will be allowed that encourage or suggest any modifications to mains electrical wiring, including but not limited to fuses, cables, connectors, etc. No posts will be allowed that suggest in any manner working on or modifying installed mains supplies. Posts in the DIY section assume other members have a reasonable knowledge of electrical safety, but equally any posts promoting or suggesting any potentially dangerous act will be removed.

Discussion of any banned member is not allowed. Under some circumstances, links to other forums can be made, however, any content or link to any content that breaches the AUP will be removed.

No spam please. Any such posts will be deleted and the poster may be banned. Shilling is not permitted under any circumstances. If you think a product is good, please feel free to say so. However, posts by trade members outside the relevant trade sections, evidently promoting commercial products without due context, are not allowed. Discussion by trade members of their products is encouraged and replies to specific questions equally so. However, replies to general topics outside the trade sections and that promote specific products are not allowed.

Adverts are placed by members. Classified adverts need to state a price, location of the goods, and include a photograph of the goods for sale. Any purchase or potential purchase is strictly on a caveat emptor basis. We do not and cannot ascertain the legal status, validity or any other aspect of any goods. It is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser.

The moderators have the right to edit, move, lock or delete any posts or threads deemed to be in breach of the AUP, or that fall outside the standards reasonably expected of members. The right is also reserved to ban, for any length of time, any member. The decisions of the moderators and forum admin are final in this regard.

Keep it fun, keep it funny. It’s hifi, nothing more.

Any data provided to us by users (including, but not limited to, email addresses, postal addresses, names and telephone numbers), may be held by Hifi Global Ltd. for our own use. Any client data held by us will not be sold or passed to any third party excepting:
i) under the circumstances of Hifi Global Ltd. being sold as an operating entity to a third party. In such case, agreement will be sought that these terms and conditions will continue to apply, but no guarantee can be given in this regard;
ii) at the specific request of any governmental or legal authority permitted under UK law to obtain and request such information.

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