Interest in the wam again!

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It is good to see the extra activity, and the influx of former wtf members is going to be interesting. May have to check the thermostat twice daily as I think one or two may have snowflake tendancies.

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On ‎05‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 18:43, rockmeister said:

Hi Bazz:)

The oiled walnut (sounds a touch pervy, but no...has wifely approval so must be OK)

Stunning sound, so much ahead of my old 5's its daft.

mustn't stray off topic tho...I hear there's a new AUP...better buzz orf and have a read :)

how do you sppell musn't/mustn't...brain seizure :)) hahahaha

oh well...more wine.

Can we see them please?:)

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not taken any snaps yet, but will have a go this rainy week. They look exactly like a better made 5 in walnut, which has a slight greeny tinge to the dark wood and a soft shine to the finish. The binding posts and all inside (I'm told) are much better quality and you get a shiny new badge to boot.

The grilles are tighter than a gorillas ass. I've had them off one side once but was so worried about damage in the process they are now back and staying there:)

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