Pass Whammy Headphone amp

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Super Wammer
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2 hours ago, slavedata said:

How does yours differ from the original, special caps and exotic potentiometer? Anything else and does it make much difference?

Ok these were my upgrades and a few thoughts on them as I hear it.

Teflon caps £25 (Replaces 2x budget 1uf Films £5-£10) 

Noticeable improvement in 3D sound staging, increase resolution, better transient definition , smoother highs, noticeable reduction in sibilance with hd800,  generally bring a all round improvement.

Stepped attenuator £26  mine is a cheap budget attenuator ( Replaces Alps Blue £15)

Cleaner grain free sound a bit more air/headroom to highs, better channel balance (the stock recommend Alps is good choice).

Burson V6 Classic £50 found on the wam hifimegastore (Replaces op amp £2)

Improved sound staging, improved texturing tone/timbre more presence/intimacy a all round improvement.

So my build was probably in all £80ish more than a standard build if purchasing parts from the outset, but I would definitely do initial build with a cheap op-amp to check all is working prior to swapping in a more expensive one.

The Whammy is great as a stock build the extra mods are easy to do and I think the extra cost is money well spent. If you have a look at a few of the builds some have used use some pretty expensive capacitors Mundorf silver oils £120 a pair , Jupiter copper foils paper in wax £250 a pair which is way more than a fully complete stock whammy costs to build on its own.

Just for giggles I took my Duelund Cast copper foil capacitors out of my reference  phono stage today and soldered them in the Whammy really very nice but the Russian military surplus Teflons are really very good in comparison as well and cost a hell of a lot less if you want the best bang for your buck I would highly recommend them. 

The bad the Teflon capacitors and Burson op amps both take an age to burn in 200hrs you will be very tempted to take them out during this phase.

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Super Wammer
Posted (edited)

Pic of the Duelunds :D


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