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pre-amp selections for quad 909

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This thread is meant to be jus informative for me, as i'm not planning to upgrade anything for quite smoe time, but it'd like to educate myself about future possibilities.

Currently i use quad's 99 preamp with 909 power amp, and i intend to keep 909 power amp for really quite some time as i think it's a great power amp. however, i was wondering if i'd profit in using a higher quality preamp with 909, since people tend to think 99pre is not really on par with 909. what would be other options that would be a real improvement over 99pre and work well with 909? also, would any tube pre-amps work well with 909? phono stage on the pre is not a requirement although vinyl is my primary source, since i'd also buy some higher quality phono preamp separately.

thanks for opinions and experiences in advance.

cheers :mmmm:

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mikedefacto wrote:

the phono stage in the 99 is meant to be pretty good from what i've heard/read... you'd probably have better improvements in changing cd player and/or cartridge :)

oh yes, those ARE going to happen :D (Denon dl-110 is on the way and should be here any day). however, i was just wondering, information-wise about preamp options for partnering with 909.

i was wondering about the whole pre-amp section, not just phono input. but when it comes specifically to phono input, i'd buy something like puresound p10 in the future or so, and that's quite better than the phono in 99pre, i believe.

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