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Super Wammer

Hi Gaz,

No, they are surprisingly potent on their own, especially in a small to medium sized room. In fact I wouldn’t recommend them for a small room - they are relatively compact speakers that think they are large. In a big room a sub certainly helps - they are very capable but not full range.

I ran them on their own extensively in my 22 sq m living room (with 3m ceiling), and genuinely had no complaints. Knowing they were made to pair with the matching Revel Ultima sub but unable to source a good (and reliable) example I knew I had to scratch the itch. I found there was a tangible improvement in overall sq using a REL S3. I chose it entirely on advice from the dealer who supplied it as to which sub best supported music rather than A/V, and IMO it was a great success. If you site it and dial it in properly it is seamless and does wonders for the speaker’s already spacious imaging. To my ears it also improves the timbre of instruments. It’s quite a shock to hear a full-scale organ work apparently coming from these standmounts with entirely plausible weight and scale.   

If I end up keeping these speakers (and I wouldn’t mind that in the slightest) I will add another. 

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Bump on me, Jamie.

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