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Surprised how quiet this thread is :(

Never mind - been working on making mine better at resisting dust.

Spent the last few weeks building a plexiglass bending contraption as I thought my Lenco TT needed a nice hood.
Today I created the first part but I need a new jigsaw as mine had trouble cutting straight but as a first attempt it should be OK.




Next task will be to make the sides but not until I get a new jigsaw!

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My Dad had a Goldring 88, don't know if he still has it. Had an EMI EPU 100 tone arm with separate mono and stereo cartridges. Might be sat in a box in his loft somewhere.

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Hi, 'Bodgit',

I would go and chck whether your dad has an '88 in his 'loft', and if so, I would go and 'rescue' it.

Below is a poor image of the latest iteration of my '99. It's been mounted into a new plinth with an an SME 3009 rewired by AO, and currently fitted with a Heed Zene'. Plus an Accoustic Signature' arm ( badged / modified Rega 202 also AO rewired) currently fitted with a G1042.

I shall post some more (hopefully better) images, once I have re-fitted the Nima arm + Goldring Elite cartridge.


Mike Kelshaw


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