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The Wam Classifieds are here for the benefit of our members to buy and sell HiFi or other hobby related items.

Please do your research into the items and seller/buyer as The Wam forum and it's staff (Moderators/Owner) cannot be held responsible for deals going wrong. Buyer Beware!

All items must have a price and location (Unless your location is entered in your personal info).

All adverts must include a photo (or photos) of the actual sale items.

No Interest Checks are allowed. 

We reserve the right to remove listings without notice if we feel that the item is dangerous or unsuitable for our Classifieds, or if the listing does not comply with the requirements stated above.

Please keep the in thread discussions sensible and fair for all. If you see something you don't like, contact the seller by PM and discuss it away from the sale thread. Trolling of ads will not be tolerated.

Once your item is sold it should be marked as such and reported to the Moderators so it can be archived.


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Amended post above - please read

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