CAT - convergent audio JL5 and JL7

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Hi, just saw your question. I have owned 2 CAT power amplifiers, the JL-2 MK2, the JL2-MK2 SE, before swapping to my actual CAT mono’s, the JL-7. In my opinion all CAT amplifiers are very impressive, deliver all virtues of tube gear without a downside (except for temperature, humm, size and poor waf). The difference between the diferent JL2 versions is quite a step forward, but just small steps in relation to the step to the JL-7. 

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Hi John

thank you for your comments which I found very interesting.  It was particularly the temperature that worried me especially jl7’s as my current room is not overly large.  The humm is rather concerning as well which I found a bit off putting especially with regard to their cost.

There are no demo models available in this country, though the importer has offered me the chance to listen to a pair.  I have however put this on hold as in all fairness I am not sure I could suffer the downsides.  Although CAT only demoed the jl5 at the recent Munich  show, a very good friend of mine and a respected figure in our hobby listened and  wasn’t at all convinced that it would suit me.  He also commented on the heat.

so once again thank you for responding to my post

kind regards


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