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What is the dem item/s you wished you had bought

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I regret passing up a brilliant set of Leak TL12.1 for £800 when I was buying my Stereo 20. They were demoed with an equally stunning set of ESL57 and was the best sound that I had heard for close to two decades. 

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Super Dealer

THe list of missed chances..

Technics 9037 me just about the best FM tuner ever .

I was very young and popped into a hifi shop to buy a cassette and someone was trying to sell the shop a pair of Quad2 amps that had belonged to a relative that had passed away , the guy in the shop offered him next to nothing and the man left..i followed him out and did not have the balls to make him an offer

JBL K29800 , for sale on ebay years ago for nothing (well about £5000) and there was only one bid...someone got a deal

i could go on..but i am starting to fill up

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