Is there a disadvantage in using different speaker cables lengths.

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Disadvantages can be major if you have severe OCD :)

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On 13/01/2018 at 17:34, SergeAuckland said:

DC is only AC at 0Hz. Electrons have no means of measuring frequency, so they're easily fooled.


If the battery was connected/disconnected about sixty times a second, the waveform would be reasonably square. If you have 'lazy' electrons like those in copper cables, they won't have time (or couldn't be bothered) to react to the fast rise times, thus easily fooling them. Electrons in Silver cables might need a higher frequency though because they're sprightly little buggers!!

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Super Wammer

 We still believe in having apt suitably-purchased-installed-maintained speaker-cables AND TERMINATIONS symmetrically installed safely electronically and psychologically.

For some multi-output sys, we occasionally use Linn K20 or Naim NACA4 or 5 either front or rear, but ALWAYS same-lengths/terminations.

Probably in most people's realities, anything is safely adequate.

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