Kegworth March 17/18th 2018 Question and Answer

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1 hour ago, Lurch said:

Is anyone bringing a dB meter?? 

Would be fun to have a dB shootout for charity say £2 entry,  winner gets a pint the balance goes in the charity pot.

Once you reach distortion then minor back off and max level is taken. 

I'll bring mine and I can argue with Serge (over a beer) on the calibration of db meters vs subjective levels of loud, bloody loud, conert loud and  wammer loud.....and some nice Steven Wilson tracks. ;) Now, where are my snowboots and crampons? I said crampons.....:D 

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Super Wammer
11 hours ago, SergeAuckland said:

I'll have mine with me.


sir, we expected no less

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Posted (edited)
On 16/03/2018 at 19:27, Lurch said:

Ohh Yes Ushers & 845s.

You wasn't joking when you said you were bringing some 'big guns' Lurch :D 

Very impressive mate. Thanks for the demo John I really enjoyed it, as I did many others, I had all that time there and I still only managed a few rooms and I would have liked to have spent longer in those also. I've had to go and buy that Faithless album as well now, I love their stuff but didn't have that one. It sounded awesome on yours, solid and a huge sound. The cabinets are beautiful on those big Ushers, very grandiose looking speakers.

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