DIY Cable Risers!!

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6 minutes ago, jkbmusic said:

and jokingly suggested I should fit a Dumb Waiter from the ground floor, to first floor, to loft.

That sounds like a good idea, but how do you plan on fitting him? :D


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4 hours ago, robbie010 said:

Note to self..... don't post threads about stupid DIY projects on the wam!! :oops: :doh: :D

Not at all Simon - I am a rabid DIY'er myself, please do share!  (The last time I put up a few pics etc, it very quickly deteriorated into a discussion of being over......'come" by what I was doing...Just look at how much amusement and mirth you have enabled with your thread.  Keep them...erm...coming I say...:D

4 hours ago, eddie-baby said:

No, no, thats where you're wrong! Do put threads up on DIY projects on the Wam, regardless of whatever other people think.


4 hours ago, eddie-baby said:

...ridicule and mockery, which is what has happened here (even if it was in a light hearted way (hopefully))...

No Veneer in 'ere Eddie - just good old light-hearted good-natured banter :^:^xD

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