Classical Club album #5 - Carl Nielsen Symphony No4 - The Inextinguishable

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I have chosen Nielsen's 4th Symphony - The Inextinguishable. This was a milestone in my appreciation of classical music in that hearing this live I was, for the first time, totally absorbed and moved by the music. It affected me in a way that no other classical music had up to that point.

It was written during the first half of WW1 and it is difficult to see that it was not in some way a response to that violent age, Nielsen's comment was that “Music is life, and, like life, inextinguishable.”  

It is not a peaceful piece! The "battling" tympani provide excitement and turmoil but the superb climax of the finale never fails to move me.

I only choose the Karajan version because it was the first I bought, I now have many!

Have a listen


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I love this symphony too. I have Karajan's coupled with Sibelius' Tapiola as per your Spotify link, and also Sir Colin Davis on LSO Live hires d/l.

I am going to enjoy this very much.

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Listened to Karajan last night - highly recommended.  Will listen to Colin Davis later this week.

Pieces like this sometimes get forgotten when you have a lot of music, this was a good timely reminder.

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