Time To Look At The Nikon D810?

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Super Wammer
13 hours ago, Bolts said:

It is a powerful beast on paper and if the specs are correct could genuinely be considered a 'full frame for sports and wildlife photography', although you will need the battery grip to get the full 9 fps. Dynamic range may not be as good as the 810 though, so it still would make sense to have the D810 for portraits and landscapes.

I'll be more persuaded by user reviews than specs though. 

But would you spend £3.5k?  I don't think I could when the 810 is £2k less and a proven, bug free package. 

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No, I don't really feel tempted at all.  Especially as I already have the D810 and find it a hugely impressive camera; challenging, but in a good way. 

Bugs seem inevitable too, with Nikon's recent history.

We've probably reached peak camera. 

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