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Trilogy H1 Energiser, For Stax Earspeakers, Launch Event July 8th!

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Hi All,

We are proud to announce that we will be holding the launch event at our Highend Headphone shop for the much anticipated Trilogy Energiser, or SPD H1 Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier to give it it’s full name. This is a product I have been waiting a long time for as many of our customers import Energiser’s for their Stax Earspeakers from abroad, like the Blue Hawaii, as it has long been known that Stax Energisers really don’t get the best from the SR-009′s and SR-007′s so at long last we now have a UK designed and built Energiser that really will take Stax Energiser’s to another level, now I haven’t seen or heard the H1 yet but from what I am being told is that it adds real body and weight to Stax Earspeakers which as a SR-009 user for years is great to hear, as for me they are magical at what they do best but a little more bass weight and richness in the mid would then make them truly stunning, and as far as I am concerned Trilogy make the 2 best headphone amps for conventional headphones with the 931 and 933 so the H1 really is something to look forward to.

This will be an event that will run from 11am till around 3.30pm with Nic Poulson, the designer and director of Trilogy holding a brief talk about the development on the H1 then everyone can have a listen, there will be refreshments and Nic and Nigel, Trilogy and Stax distributor, will be on hand to answer any questions. We will have 2 systems setup and an open H1 so everyone can see the workmanship involved.

For this event numbers are severely limited but if you’d like to come along please feel free to let me know asap as we are limiting it to only 20 people, don’t worry though as if you can’t make it we will have the H1 on permanent demo shortly after but this does promise to be a great event and will be well worth making it along to if you are a serious headphone listener and especially if you are a Stax user. Needless to say that I will write my thoughts and will post pictures after the event.

Please see some more details below regarding the Trilogy Audio H1 Energiser.

  • Price - Around £5000.
  • A unique full Vacuum Tube Circuit.
  • Zero feedback design
  • High transconductance tubes
  • Direct coupled output stage
  • Full remote control over, volume, balance and input selection
  • Available in a variety of finishes.

So if you would like to come along please e-mail me on the below asap to ensure a space, thanks.





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