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Lounge rig is my Bottlehead Crack with the hd650 soon to be replaced with hd600s, I also have a pair of Beyer DT880 Premium I use occasionally. Source is a Pioneer N50 network player.


I sometimes use the Little Dot 1+ with my Grado ps500e.

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Super Wammer

I don't listen to music via my main system with headphones, I'd rather listen to it through the speakers or not at all. However if I'm told the tele takes preference because my music taste is depressing? and crap? by my lovely lady then I'll compromise listening to Tidal HiFi through my iPhone or flac files through my fiio x5 mk2 player and watch the crap on tele:nuts:

My latest headphones are Meze 99 neo's and my other pair are Sony MDR10RC which are very good and surprisingly comfortable being they are on ear headphones. The 99's tick all the boxes for me comfort, looks and price. I did consider the 99 Classics, but for the amount of time I use headphones I couldn't warrant the extra cost.

By the way great thread👍




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For home use I have the Leben CS300XS integrated valve amp and Audezé LCD-3 planar magnetic headphones.

For portable use, the Sony NW-WM1A hi-res music player (also my main digital source at home) and the Sony MDR-1000X noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones.


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