First impressions of my new ATC SCM40A speakers

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It would have been a financial step too far, also my Audiolab 8000Q preamp does not have XLR outputs and this preamp has LOTS of RCA Phono in/outs supporting many ancillary items such as Tuner, cassette deck, a HDD/CD burner etc etc a lot more than many modern XLR output equipped preamps do not have...

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On 13/06/2018 at 15:33, Stephen Garratt said:

When I first bought my Tri Wirable Ruark Crusader 2s back in 1997, I had the Audiolab 8000P 100 watt per channel power amp. That was replaced by firstly two and finally four 8000M monos and I must say the difference in my case was noticeable, sounded more "Open" and with a slightly more distinct Bass..

As I said, those speakers with the now iffy un replaceable mid range have now been given away, whilst I await the arrival of the ATCs. 

Like I said the difference was bugger all in my case and for you with the Ruarks more "Open and slightly more distinct bass" .. but did you blind test it?   Perhaps it has different affect on different speakers but when I worked in the trade and we did a load of testing on biwiring and bi amping with blind testing the results were never conclusive.  The main thing is if it makes you happy then that is all that matters :) 

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