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1 hour ago, PuritéAudio said:


Happily for dCS however, the 950 was profitable, but it only really became so when the company managed to jump from professional audio to domestic high end hi-end.

From the DCS story,

What vivid dreams you must have George.


Why thank you Keith. I assume you read your own quote and the excellent work dCS did once they started listening to their audio products. I suggest you call them, they are very friendly, and go up to the factory and pay them a visit. I assume you have never been there.

When there notice the superb measuring facilities they have compared to the ancient stuff used by your mate at ASR. No bodged results at dCS. Then ask them to let you hear the difference between a 16/44.1 recording and the same recording at 24/192 and see if you can hear the difference. It is easy and will shock you, assuming you keep an open mind. And then ask if they still sell to the pro world.

No need for vivid dreams or excessive imagination just a quick (educational???) visit. The come back and tell us how it went. Or chicken out.

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A lot of companies and designers of 'domestic' equipment also do work for studios and various other markets, but don't promote it because it is often one offs or confidential.

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9 hours ago, George 47 said:

My main streamer was the Auralic Aries with additional goodies such as femto clocks etc. The Auralic is good and has found favour with many for its high quality sound and the great app that it comes with. The dCS was a real step up with lower noise levels and better retrieval of fine detail. The dCS reproduced a better 3D soundstage. The original app was not that good but the new Mosaic is good. Whenever I tried other streamers such as Cambridge,  Pioneer and Logitech there was a certain sameness to them all. They were competent but there was no real distinction between them. The Auralic was the first I heard that was a jump up in sound quality and the dCS is a step up  again.

Thank you. I've read so many good things about dCS. So bloody expensive though!

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