bristol show 2017

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thanks Justin



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I really enjoyed the Harbeth rooms and the Audio Note room, both sounded great when I was in there. I spent the most time in the 3 rooms with the Sibelius speakers. I'm the Mark Ausio Driver distributor here in the UK and the EU as some of you know, and it was good to hear the drivers being used in such a great looking and sounding speaker. I was particularly impressed with the implementation in the Malvern audio room. The valve amps they had in there sounded great with the speakers.

The thing I enjoyed so much about the show was the genuinely high level of interest in going the DIY route. When folk came to our room to see the Sota speakers their eyes lit up when they saw the small collection of drivers I'd bought. For a lot of people it hadn't even entered their head that there was an alternative to buying off the shelf speakers. It's been a pleasure to help people over the last couple of years to discover the same. Dr Scott Lindgren designer of a huge amount of alignments that can be found all over the web and Mark Fenlon the Mark Audio and ex of Jordan driver designer was in the room with me. It was great to see people interacting with actual technicians rather than the usual sales folk, people did hardly any listening in our room, they all spent all the time talking. I lost count of the number of HiFi writers who bought people in to talk to us and dispel a few myths.

Over all though I'd say it's definitely a show not aimed at the sort of enthusiast that gets their hands dirty like we find here on the WAM (or the other forums really)

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