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Concert Tonight (11/2)At Festival Hall

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Tonight, Feb 11th at Royal Festival Hall


London Philharmonic Orchestra
Andrés Orozco-Estrada conductor
Marina Piccinini flute


Glass: The Light for orchestra
AJ Kernis: Flute Concerto (UK premiere)
Ives: The Unanswered Question (Contemplation No.1)
Adams: Dr Atomic Symphony
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never heard of the last 3 but hopefully it will be good . passed a restaurant called bohemian today and thought of you chris ! 

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The flute concerto was......interesting.  It got quite frenetic in places. The final movement, Tarran Tulla, was originally based on the tarantella dance, but inspired by Jethro Tull!

Ives is one of my favourite composers, and this short, contemplative piece is beautiful.

I saw John Adams' opera Doctor Atomic at ENO and was enthralled by it.  It is about Oppenheimer and the testing of the nuclear bomb.  So I was keen to hear the symphony based on it.  Spectacular and exciting, I loved it.

Glass is another of my favourite composers and The Light is inspired by the Michelson-Morley experiment which showed the uniform speed of light. I had not heard this before.  Instantly recognisable as Glass, I felt at times that like the light it portrayed, it didn't know when to stop!

very enjoyable concert overall.

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ta for that . never knew about history of dr atomic

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