3D TV users. Worth the upgrade?

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6 hours ago, Cable Monkey said:

Or perhaps, like me I go and buy a film and if it happens to contain a 3d option I am not going to hand it back and wait for the 2d only copy. My TV is nearly 12 months old now and I have to say that there is very little in the way of broadcast and streamed 3d content. Nor do I see too many demands for it. In that time we have purchased maybe 2 DVD's and the rest has been on demand and streaming via Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These outlets already have a healthy number of 4K titles so I suspect that is where they see the demand. None of that changes what you like, but I suspect the strategy is to encourage upgrading and 3d is too much of a distraction to them with insufficient benefit financially.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say 'wait for the 2D only copy'. The 2D and 3D versions normally happen simultaneously. There is no 'wait' for the 2D version. Whenever there has been a delay between 2D and 3D versions; it is the 3D version that is the later release i.e. 'The Force Awakens'. So if anything; it is 3D sales that have suffered as some people can't be bothered to wait for the 3D releases.

You're right; broadcast and streamed 3D has always been limited. It is technically different from Blu-ray 3D and has always been inferior. 3D is something that is easy to screw up and unless 3D is presented correctly it is not an enjoyable experience. I have always believed that broadcast/streamed 3D was counter productive and did more to put people off the format rather than appreciate it.

I wholly agree with you when you say that the strategy is to encourage upgrading. 4K is now the holy grail and anything that distracts from that message has to go; no matter how good it may be or how much the consumer may want it.

The irony is that until the arrival of 4K televisions with passive 3D; 3D has never reached its full potential. Now that it has; the manufacturers don't want to give it a chance...

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