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I re-read Hamlet. I was interested in the theme of the symbolism in the play like Yorick's Skull . Throughout the play, Hamlet muses on and toys with the idea of death. 

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The Weather Experiment.   Peter Moore.

A recommendation from my wife.  This is a historical book, but reads like a novel, covering the historical race to be able to forecast the weather. ( Driven by safety for mariners) It gives good biographies of the key players and is also the history of faster distance communication.   Covers interesting sections , Beaufort, Fitzroy, Morse, Darwin, Famous landscape painters who developed understandings of the sky. The race against the USA and the French.  The politics, the arguments, the egos, the fight between science and religion. The weather after all was God's work.  They were all fighting with a lack of knowledge that we all take for granted now.

I've not finished it yet but really interesting and I have learnt a lot. I had no idea guys had been up to 36,000 ft in the mid 1800s.

Interesting stuff.

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Author Andrew Williams' (no, not him) writing is lucid, informative & concise. Some WW2 writers are at pains to point out details as though writing an
official history, but here Williams doesn't mince about & tells it straight.
The fighting in Normandy was brutal.


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