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14 hours ago, Colinjg said:

Yes , Double Cross is excellent, it particularly struck a chord with me as I remember meeting Tommy (TAR) Robertson a couple of times in the 80s as my Dad knew him, he was local to us here, and married a friend of my parents after he and she were widowed. It's is hard to believe that someone could have had such an important effect on the war and be vertually unknown.

Also I thought Op Mincemeat was excellent as well, although a well known story.  I like the way he writes, always making me chuckle.

I've read most of Seymour's earlier stuff as well.

TAR Robertson - an unknown hero he certainly was, along with a few others such as codebreaker Gordon Welchman. Without whom...
Must have been great to meet TAR.

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Super Wammer

Thanks for the reply,

All I knew at the time, was that my father told me he was ex MI5 and quite important, and when he died I don't think many local  people had any idea of his background.  All I really remember was chatting with this old and charming gentleman. I only learned much more recently what he had been upto from reading books. When I finished Macintyre's book earlier this year I found his small cremation plot stone next to his second wife's in Birlingham churchyard near Pershore which very close to here. The stone just has his initials, surname and year dates, nothing else. Prior to remarrying late in life he farmed sheep on Bredon Hill and played cricket for a local village well into middle age.

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