Bach's Matthew Passion live

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I've just been lucky enough to hear Gardiner and the Monteverdi Choir perform the Matthew Passion live. Mark Padmore was the evangelist and probably the best I've heard live in this role. I agree with Gardiner that semi-staged performances detract from the music and the drama.

Thinking of my recordings of this piece, they're all from the period performance orchestras. Can anyone recommend a good performance by a contemporary orchestra and chorus (please not Richter, whose tempi are so glacial I swear hell will freeze over before his performance finishes).

All in all, a great evening.

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Super Wammer

Must have been a great concert Paul. Mark Padmore one of my favourite singers.

Happy Easter!

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Recommendable modern orchestra performances are very rare nowadays, this music just doesnt seem right to me except in HIP style. However, Klemperer's 1960s performance with Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau and Peter Pears is still regarded as a classic... if you can stand the slowness!

Much more recently, Riccardo Chailly and Leipzig Gewandhaus recording has had some high regard and doesnt go slow at all.

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