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scalford impressions from a noob

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Very nice. I was interested in one before the weekend, definitely know it's a contender now. I can't strap it to an Air Tangent though!

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So many threads about the show, but I'll stick to this one for now.....

My second time and my mates first. This time I decided not to run around like a demented loon, desperate to see & hear everything. Instead I gently wound my way up and down corridors and discovered stairways that took me to parts of Hogwarts.

As with the 2015 show the standard of kit was incredible. So varied. Some of it just bonkers (Lenco Heaven !!). Oh to have the room to have those at home. As someone said earlier, perhaps not the last word in clinical presentation, but as I don't like the type of sound that can strip teeth enamel then they were the highlight for me. A true vision of a lottery win if ever there was one.

It was wonderful meeting up with some old faces and being introduced to a few new ones. And the P&R was a fantastic idea - it worked so well and saved so much hassle. The pavilion was a resounding success and my mate even managed to win a prize in the raffle (alas, not the Inspire :doh:).

As for individual rooms, I made so many notes on the programme that I can't possibly mention you all but the major theme that ran through it all was that the little Harbeths sounded great, the 3010is were very good and that the ANs and Snells in whatever rooms they were in just sound so right (I feel a purchase coming on soon).

My thanks to you all for putting on such a fantastic show and spending so much time/effort/money/blood/sweat/tears on your rooms just to put a smile on so many faces. You all deserve some sort of recognition in the New Years Honours list. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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My mother told me that if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all.

2 further visits to something you didn't like on your first, is a waste of time. I see that you are a 'noob' but for future reference, it is best to keep negative comments to yourself. To exhibit this year I have taken four days off work, spent a tidy sum of money, which actually I can't afford and generally exhausted myself . It has been great fun but you ought to realise that it is an enthusiasts show and everyone involved does it for love, is a member here and can read your comments.

I agree totally with that.

I think it's really poor form to criticise anyone's system at Scalford. Both on this forum and on other forums.

My answer to anyone criticising anyone's system would be to say "OK, if you think it's so easy, why don't you exhibit next year and show us all how it's done?"

I would like to say a very big thank-you to everyone that exhibited. I enjoyed every room that I went in to. Some rooms I really really enjoyed. There were some World Class systems on display at the show. And a lot of systems providing first class sound quality for the money.

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Another noob, first time at the show and I have to say every room was excellent. The different flavours of achieving the same ultimate goal fascinated me. In this world of disposable media, iPods, mp3's and the like it was refreshing to spend time with like minded loonies. Well done to all.

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Good effort Rudy, nice to see you again. :^
I feel your pain mate - there should be an award for the most miles driven in a car rammed with kit, top wamming
Yes, brilliant Rudy! Thank you so much for the sweets. My kids were so excited that you remembered them and you got them something from Germany. It has made their morning, honestly. :D
Good to meet you Rudy and thanks for the introduction to Bulgarian Cognac (a drink not a band)

Cheers all, it was such an exciting weekend!

It seems that the spirit of the Wam comes in many different ways and I feel very lucky that I can partake in this all :).

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