2nd timer show thoughts . . .

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d) Syndicate 2 with Jerry and Fatmarley - driving some amazing DIY three ways with cheapo amplification and DAC. Room resonances aside how on earth did a low powered tranny amp drive those beasts so well? Made me rethink the need for megabuck systems (though I guess those external crossovers were not cheap to build). Would love to learn more of the speaker construction.

When Jerry and I first set up the system firing down the length of the room, I wanted to go home. The upper mid/lower treble was very thin and glassy. We tried the speakers across the room and they didn't sound any better, I lost the will to live and that point and just wanted to go home. Bass boomed really badly and sounded very one-note and vocals didn't sound as alive as they do here. People would probably be shocked to hear that the bass drivers are sealed with no leaks and the cabinets are also very well braced. I'm really sorry If anyone came in our room and saw me looking miserable sat in the corner. I just didn't feel in the mood to talk to anyone and just gave up on the whole thing really.

Although the bass problem never went away, the lower treble seemed to smooth out as the day progressed and the sound improved quite a bit (Jerry and I couldn't work out why the sound changed so much and I'm still puzzled by it). I wish we'd stuck with the speakers firing down the length of the room because with a bit of adjustment to the speakers and seating arrangement, we may have got the bass right too. I know a lot of people are going to be shocked when I say this but a couple of guys came back at the end of the day and said we produced the best sound of the show!!! (perhaps they were taking the piss?).

Tweeter is a cheap Scanspeak D2604/833000 1" dome in a Custom waveguide, designed by a guy in the USA called Dave Pellegrene (Pellegrene Acoustics). I found out that even with an impedance flattening circuit and waveguide, the tweeter doesn't like being crossed low and my next plan is to try a different tweeter that is happy to cross low (Probably the Seas T35C002)

Mid is the coated paper Vifa M21WG-09-08 and is the same one that I used last year at Scalford in a 2-way speaker. The mid was used in the Snell K, Heybrook HB1 and JPW AP1/2/3. I may stick with this driver because I know it can sound very good.

Woofer is a Scanspeak 25W/8565-00 carbon fibre/paper.

The box is made out of plywood and the side panels have 3mm thick steel plated glued to the sides. Before I fitted the steel plate, the panels would vibrate with low frequencies and the bass was rather flabby (nowhere near as bad as they were at Scalford though)

Next plan is to change the tweeter, which probably means cutting the top of the cabinet off again to fit it.

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I feel your pain Fatmarley. Years ago I demo' some WB arcs at a dealers they sounded stunning, purchase made I set them up at home wow, wonderful bliss. Unfortunately we had a death in the family and my listening room soon turned into a store for boxes furniture etc, I could play music but let's say it was less than optimal. My mate used to visit sneer, call me a tosser for spending so much when his Bluetooth speakers sounded just as spectacular. The time came to declutter and redecorate, harmony returned and my mate popped round on the way to the pub. He didn't get to the pub we ended up with a take away curry and a bottle of JD. As he left still musing over the sounds he'd heard asking if he could bring some choons the following night I obviously told him to f**k off back his Bluetooth speakers, tosser. We're still mates btw :nuts:

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