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My thoughts on the show....

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Even with my pre amplifier failing and having to drive to a supermarket to buy cables to butcher to get music, I had an absolute ball this weekend as an exhibitor for the first time. It was made especially worthwhile by the Gent who stood in my room for 5 minutes after taking some photographs and then asked "So, how much do you want for your speakers?" - I never put my name down with the intention of getting any sort of validation, but it made my day.

I last visited 2 years ago and having the raffle and vinyl sales in the main reception hall made it too claustrophobic; having this stuff and the refreshments in the Pavilion was a great move, I felt.

Looking forward to the next one already. Well done chaps - it really felt like a well tuned machine to me.

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Super Wammer

Hi Craig, it was good to finally meet you yesterday and put another face to a name. As I said to you yesterday, I think you've done a lovely restoration job on your Yammies.

Out of all of the various Scalford threads that have been started, the title of your thread here will probably suit my ramblings best, so here goes:-

Firstly, yet another fantastic show and as always, immense thanks and respect to everyone that played any part in producing such an epic event. My friend Rob and I thought the park and ride worked really well and was much more civilised than the usual bunfight for parking spaces. We also thought the marquee was a very worthwhile addition. None of the previous overcrowding in the dining room and more space for the raffle drawing.

It was great to speak to a few more people and put a few more faces to names. I know it's been said many times on here, but even at my age, I'm still surprised at how different people turn out to be, compared with how I imagined them to be based on their posts on here. For the better, I am glad to say. We really do have a great bunch of guys involved in this crazy place.

So, onto the systems and sounds... despite it being my 6th show, there were still a few surprises, `wow' moments and particularly enjoyable listening experiences (in no particular order): Steve's (Barney's Dad) Quad 2905's; Ffd1l's system in the Gun Room with the Urei speakers; James' (Jampal) system with the Triangle Delta Signature speakers; Mayebaza's system with the very non-traditionally placed Opera Callas speakers (full marks for ingenuity - firing them at the side walls to get the rear ported bass to work. It looked so wrong but sounded so right!); Brumjam's Impulse H2's - the bass not working quite as well as your own lounge, but still sounding great, I thought); onlyconnect's mini/budget system - just amazing how good a £125 raspberry pi setup containing streamer, dac, preamp and 35w per channel amp could sound. I can't forget how flabbergasted another listener was to discover that the total system cost under £300 with £150 MA speakers -" I've obviously doing it all wrong all these years" was his remark; mmichbam and malc's room - the Dr Friekert turntable with 2 arms - SME V with VDH cartridge (Blackbird?) and other (didn't catch the brand, but a Rega derivative) with Koetsu Onyx and Aesthetix phono stage - WOW. Probably the first time in years that I've understood the excitement over vinyl vs. digital. Probably the best analogue sounds I've ever heard; and last but certainly not least, the 4 x Quad ESL57 setup on custom (cough) stands in the top Fernie room, driven by a 90W per channel A/V amp bought for £50 off ebay. This was probably my favourite, I could have listened to it all day long.

Many of the systems were working well in the less than ideal rooms, but the ones mentioned above were the most memorable for me. Other visitors will undoubtedly have different favourites and rightly so, as we have different `wants' from our systems.

How lucky we are to be part of such an enthusiastic, kind natured group of music loving people!

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And you too, Gary - always good to finally meet someone after extensive exchanges!

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