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New hifi auction site and current listings.

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New specialist hifi auction site. Simple fee structure.

Free membership, free listing, free pictures (up to four), free swaps, free reserve price,free auction and fixed price listing.

One payment only - 2% commision on sales.

Membership is instant and entitles you to sell your equipment immediately.

If the item does not sell there is simply nothing to pay!

Totally free advertising.

Join today!

Here is an example ofour current listings (9.48 am)

Toshiba 250E DVD player

True Colours Industries Tiger 1 metre IC NEW camera1.gif

Revolver RW16 Brand new boxed

Revolver R16 Oak with Black cloth

Revolver AVS Subwoofer

Rega Brio 2

Ortofon 510 cartridge

Nordost shiva

Solid Silver speaker cable - Teflon insulation

Solid Silver (99.99% pure) phono interconnects with gold plated Neutrik connectors

Revolver RW25 Dark Cherry new in box

Revolver R25 Oak/Black

True Colours Industries Viper SE 1.5 metre new pair

Neat Petite 3

Huygens Audio MCD 1202 Class D amplifier

Rogers Ls3/5a

Micromega solo

Mark levinson 390s

Linn Unidisc 2.1

Project speed box

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Welcome to the Tent Phil. Some nice kit there!:^

Good luck with the new site.


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