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Step Up Transformers for Moving Coil Cartridges - DIY and non-DIY

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I was doing some research last night and thought I'd post a few links:

The Analogue Dept description of how SUT's work

Audio Note SUT kit

Stevens and Billington

Black Head II(not DIY)

K&K Audio & Lundahl

Jensen Transformers


Silk / SAC

Phononote and other SUTs at Noteworthy (not DIY)

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this chap buys vintage mic transformers, puts them in a box & sells them

they usually go for decent prices

these also look tasty if you know what you are doing and have a cartridge to justify it

Might also be worth a punt.

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Excellent thread Anthony-you beat me to it as i've been doing the same research!

Mod's any chance of moving it to the main forum as i think that it would have a far greater audience as not as many members visit the diy section.

There is a guy over on vinyl engine that has the Silk transformer and seems very impressed with it.

Either PAG or A.N. has/had the Audionote and been highly praised.

Has anybody else tried either of these, or any of the others?

Best wishes


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I`m using an Audio Note step up, and i`m very pleased with it. Very detailed, dynamic and musical. In hindsight, i would have got the s6 trannies and built them into a box, rather than buying ready assembled. Still sounds bloody good though, and light years ahead in quality compared to the EAR mc jobbies.

Sgt.Pepper has just completed the build on the WD mc step ups, and he seems pleased with the results too.

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