For Sale - Monitor Audio GX Speaker Stands

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Very nice speaker stands these - definitely a cut above the average school metallwork class jobbies you usually see.

They're obviously a perfect match for MA GX50 and GX100 speakers but I have used them to good effect with Q Acoustics Concept 20s (a nearly perfect match) and KEF LS50s. They will suit any, relatively deep, modern looking standmount speaker.

Dimensions are available here (under the "Specifications" tab):


They are nicely finished, with a central hollow rectangular column for ballast. They have sensible cable management rings at the back of this central column. They come with both sturdy round feet and spikes so you can decide how much or how little coupling to the floor you want. A nice touch is that the height of the spikes/feet may be adjusted without having to lift the speaker stands up so they're very easy to position and adjust.

The pair I'm selling are in near-mint condition - unmarked, as far as I can tell - and come complete with both the feet, and the spikes. However, I do not have original boxes.

For photos, please check out my ad on Gumtree:


I don't think these are produced anymore but they used to retail at £300 per pair. Therefore, I'm looking for £150, cash on collection in, or within half an hour's drive of, Sheffield. I'll take PP gift / bank transfer, if that's more convenient.



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