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Strangely, I've been playing less and less of the baroque masters I know and love (apart from the obligatory Bach). I think I've been corrupted by a long interval of Shostakovich, which led to harder stuff (you always want that hit to be bigger and better!).

So I got into Varese, with a Schoenberg interlude, and now I'm really enjoying this sort of thing; it gives me new insight into Kraftwerk!


Perhaps I shall soon start to feel queasy, and Mozart and Vivaldi will stop sounding just a touch twee!

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Just gave "Distant Light" a go...

Very nice, but just a bit too tuneful.

It's like he'd actually listened to other composers - to be truly progressive he'd need to reject all traditional instrumentation unless it had been altered with a hacksaw and an M12 rawlbolt...

Or if you're going to go the trad suit'n'tie orchestra route, it needs to be so odd people protest outside ("down with this sort of thing!")

Just had a go on some Gresey (interesting!), Schnittke (very interesting!), Duttileaux (eek but interesting!) and most excitingly, Xenakis:


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Good man - keep at it ! I was only recommending Xenakis on here the other week, some real blockbuster orchestral pieces on the Timpani label (appropriately enough).

This is a good piece if you like modern orchestral music influenced by aspects of pop and rock


Happy listening !

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