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As per the other thread, I need the missing details of equipment for the guide.

Please PM me if possible, as I can't tell when the spreadsheet gets updated and I've already taken the details off it.

I need all the details for the following exhibitors. Please can someone tell them if they're not around...




Salient and Chevron


I also need some of the missing 'to be confirmed' bits for:

Leo and bandit piloonlyconnect

Testy and Mibby

Paul55 and mates


And probably more.

Please help me out here. As before, this will go to print relatively early to keep the costs down, so I do need all the details ASAP.


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Richard, I've updated my details to add a little more information.

The amp has also changed, on account of me being unable to lift the original beast :)


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Thanks Rob. Updated.

As per the other thread, it's impossible for me to know if/when the spreadsheet gets changed and difficult to keep looking at all the threads.

Please, if anything changes or you want to update details, just PM me, as I always see that.


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