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For Sale - Monitor Audio PL100 and Custom Design RS300 stands

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Monitor Audio PL100 stand-mount speakers and Custom Design RS300 reference stands

The speakers are in the gloss black finish and are in excellent overall condition. There are no rips, tears or any other blemishes on the leather fronts and the paintwork is also in excellent condition, all except the two scratches; one on the rear bottom corner of one speaker and another about 6/7cm above it. I have tried to show these scratches in one of the photos, but it’s difficult to get them to show up. I think the photo actually makes the marks look far worse than they do in the flesh, but I’d rather be honest about it. Given where the scratches are, you don’t see them during use and in my experience, you quickly forget about them once you sit down and start listening. I’ve owned the speakers from new (about 8 years) and they have been used on an almost daily basis. I take care of my equipment and have never thrashed them. I have kept all the original packaging (including the internal bits), which is very substantial. I’ve never used the grilles, so they are still sealed. The accessory box is also included, complete with cleaning cloth, bi-wire links, Allen keys and spirit level.

I’ve used these speakers with a number of amps (SS and Tube) and had excellent results with them all and in a few rooms too. They’re a surprisingly large sounding speaker for their size and have no problem filling most rooms. I absolutely love these speakers and am only selling because I was offered a great price on an ex-demo pair of their big brothers (PL200) which I couldn’t turn down. The ribbon tweeter is an absolute gem and once you’ve lived with a ribbon, it’s very difficult to go back.

When I bought the speakers I demoed a couple of pairs of stands and settled on the Custom Design RS300 Reference (now called RS 304) which I am selling too. Custom Design made the top plates to order for me, to allow the speakers to be screwed down securely. The stands are lead-shot weighted and as such they weigh an absolute ton (25kg each or more), which I think has a lot to do with why they easily out-performed the ‘dedicated’ Monitor Audio stands. They’re in the silver finish, with black top and bases plates. Unfortunately they have a number of hand marks on the uprights that I can’t seem to clean off. I’m sure someone could sort this out with a bit of elbow grease, but it doesn’t really bother me, so I’ve left them as is.

These speakers retail for around £2650 and the stands are £350. I’m looking for £1250 for the speakers and stands together.

I would however consider splitting them; £1200 speakers and £100 stands.

I would prefer collection as they’re really heavy and I absolutely DO NOT trust any couriers. I may be able to deliver for the cost of fuel if the journey is within 50/60 miles or so (from Cardiff), or I would happily meet up with someone to split the journey.

Any questions, please PM me.

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It's been pointed out that these speakers are now being sold at a reduced price by some retailers so in light of that, price drop to £995 for the speakers only or £1050 with stands

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